Ten Mercs or two Micras. They'll all earn you a discount.

Multi-car discount

Our multi-car discount can help you save money when you have more than one car in the same household – whatever they may be. The more cars you insure with us, the more you could save up to a maximum of ten (subject to a minimum premium).

Benefits of multi-car discount

Man carrying a key
Woman carrying a key
Man carrying a key

Everyone at your address can get a discount on every one of their Privilege-insured cars.

Each policy is kept separate, so:

  • You can have separate renewal dates; helping to spread the cost throughout the year.
  • Your No Claim Discount will not be affected by other vehicles in the household. If one of you has an accident or makes a claim on one vehicle the NCD on the other vehicles won't be affected.


You'll still get all the benefits of our car insurance

Woman carrying a key