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  • Can I choose how much excess I pay?

    In some sections of your policy you can pay a higher voluntary excess in return for a reduction in premium. In other sections the excess is fixed. Look at your quote or policy details for more information. Or call us on 0345 246 8539 for car insurance or 0345 246 8534 for home insurance.

  • Do I need proof of ownership for all possessions?

    If you make a claim you may be asked to show evidence of value and ownership, such as receipts and instruction manuals. This is very important for any named valuables on the policy – items like jewellery, watches or works of art.

  • What happens if my car is written off?

    A car is written off if it’s more expensive to repair it than to replace it.

    If your car is less than one year old and you’re the first and only registered owner, we’ll try to get you a replacement car (same make and model). If we can’t find one, we’ll pay the market value of your car at the time of the accident (less any excess that may apply).

    If your car is more than a year old, we’ll offer to find you a replacement using our nationwide network. You can also choose to upgrade your car by paying the difference.

    We're unable to provide this service for theft claims. A minimum purhcase price of £3,500 will apply, and an exact match is subject to availability.

  • Who determines the value of my vehicle?

    Our team of engineers make sure we correctly value your vehicle. They follow the same process every time, and take in to account current market prices.

  • If I make a claim can any garage repair my car?

    Yes, although if you use one of our recommended garages all parts and repairs are guaranteed for five years.