Home insurance claims

We're here to help We're here to help

General claims

0345 246 8534

Call 0345 246 8534

Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday Closed
Bank Holidays 9am – 5pm

Emergencies (24hr)

0345 301 6243

Call 0345 301 6243

If your home cannot be lived in due to damage caused by fire, flood or escape of water; or something needs to be done to secure the property i.e. damage to locks, windows or doors following theft, attempted theft, vandalism or malicious acts.

What will I be asked for when I call?

  1. Your insurance policy number
  2. The date and time that the incident happened
  3. Details of the event
  4. What the damage was to your building and/or contents
  5. A police report number or reference, if you were given one

Other things we might need

Please keep hold of any damaged items in case we need to see them. Receipts and photographs will also help us with the claim.

We’re able to deal with some small claims over the phone through our approved suppliers. If we can’t do this we may ask for estimates or quotations from you to support your claim.

For larger claims, it’s likely we’ll ask a claims adviser to come and visit you as soon as possible. If your home is so badly damaged that you need another place to stay, we’ll keep a roof over your head up to your insured amount.

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