Motor mileage refund

Whether you call it lockdown or quarantine, if you’re a driver, you’re probably on the road less because of Coronavirus.

Your insurance premium is partially based on estimated mileage, so if you’re driving less, you may be able to temporarily lower your premium by reducing your expected weekly mileage.

That means you could be entitled to a refund. If your mileage has changed, use this form to let us know.
I'm driving less

Remember though, even if you’re not driving your car, the law says it must be insured unless it has been registered with a SORN and is declared 'off the road' with the DVLA. You can find more information here: If you do declare your car off the road and temporarily no longer require cover, we can suspend your policy. Please get in touch if you’d like to do this.

If you're a DriveXpert telematics customer, you don't need to do anything. We’ll refund you for any reduced mileage during the Coronavirus lockdown. We’ll update you soon.

If you need more information, have a look at our lockdown refund FAQs:

Frequently asked questions

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Visit our Coronavirus help and support page for frequently asked questions
about COVID-19.

Free Green Flag breakdown assistance for NHS workers

Our friends at Green Flag are offering all NHS staff free Green Flag breakdown assistance for their journeys to and from work.

Green Flag has already helped more than 300 NHS staff who have broken down, so if you need assistance with a breakdown, call Green Flag's dedicated NHS number: 0800 051 0009

They'll just need your NHS identification number when you call them and your NHS ID card to show the technician.
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